Let's play the music & dance

Want to move your body & feel good?

Sitting on our bottoms and staring into screens most of the day (I include myself in this), our energy drops and our mood lowers.  Know that feeling?  The less we move, the less we want to…Dancing helps to shift us out of that and chakra dancing helps to connect us to the core of you – to the best version of you.

So, What is chakra Dancing? We dance to 7 different types of types of music frequencies, which move us through the 7 main energy centres, connecting us to our mind, body and spirit.  Relaxing & centre-ing us so we can meet either meet the challenge of the day to come or help to release what we have experienced during the day. Read here for more information on the chakras

Hi, I'm Elizabeth...doing one of the things I love most...eating ice-cream!









So , why dance with me?


For the past 30 years I had been working as a Psychologist/Relationship Counsellor/Facilitator of Groups but always loved to dance.  I hear music and my body instinctively wants to move.  

In 2019, due to loss of hearing in my right ear, I finally went to have my ears tested, believing I just needed a hearing aid.  On the completion of the test, the reaction of the Audiologist freaked me out.  She was clearly anxious, wanting me to be re-tested the next week, saying that I would need an MRI scan if I had similar results the next time, and that in 20 years of doing her job she had not encountered results like mine.  I left fearing that I could die at any moment but that was a gift.  With that belief, I thought about how I would want to live the rest of my life and randomly decided that I would like to facilitate chakra dancing sessions.  So, here I am!